The Future in Contact Management Software

Seamless NWS was founded in June of 2008. Michael Haschek, Principal Founder and Frank Johnson III, Co-Founder formed the Seamless Group to deliver an enhanced solution for the Social Networking Community.

Seamless NWS™ is a global, privately-held company that was founded in 2007. Seamless NWS™ is a contributing force in pioneering the development of contact management aggregation applications and continues to promote the advancement of innovative social and business networking software technologies. Its ongoing efforts to establish long term customer and partner relationships with social networking giants such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, Linking Universe, Facebook, Viadeo and Others is successfully moving foward. The company has offices in the United and Europe with one to open in Asia late 2010.

Consolidate with BestReach

BestReach is a contacts management aggregator. BestReach allows a user to download and consolidate all of his or her contacts in one place, whether the contacts are obtained from the user's own Outlook, Lotus Notes or similar contact list, or from the user's network for LinkedIn, Viadeo or a similar social networking site.

The application provides the user with the ability to qualitatively evaluate each contact and place a level of trust for each contact, select the "best path" to a new or existing contact with whom you would like to be introduced.

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Critics Review:

"It (ViCo) synchronise contacts with your Personal Address Book, loads multiple networks with a single request and merges contact details"

Alexander Kluge,