Products from Seamless - ViCo

What is ViCo? ViCo is a embeddable application which retrieves contact-information from different Social Networks and makes them available in files.

Networks supported are LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook, and PLAXO. Who can use it? Due to the fact that some Social Networks don't provide an API we found a solution to overcome this problem - and the retrieval is done by only one mouseclick. So we are targeting bigger companies (CRM, recruiting software, etc) who are interested in expanding their interfaces. Therefore we don't plan to sell it to single users.

What do you need to do? You start the application from your software and read in the data (which is provided as CSV) into your database.

Want to know details? Please use the form to contact us - we will go back to you immediately to discuss details.
ViCo has been integrated by Notes Solutions Inc, PA into Lotus Notes. Other integrations are planned very soon.
And we have found an easy and convenient way for end-users to license their copy via an promotional code.